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AKA made a COLOSSAL mistake in not making Cain’s entire camp at high elevation and now they have egg on their faces. Kings MMA’s strategy to make the whole camp at high elevation was very smart. In the final minuets Cain was so tired, he could barley stand up and trying to take Werdum down was his only hope….to lay and pray to recover, but of course that ended badly because he had no strength to defend against the choke.

In addition, Cain probably had some ring rust in his almost 2 year absence. He also looked like he was carrying a little more fat than his last fights and may not have been in as good as shape. If Cain had fought more frequently and this had been at sea level this would have been a totally different fight. He wouldn’t have been so tired that he charged at Werdum out of desperation and gave him his neck. Huge Lesson learned for Cain and AKA. Hopefully Cain will be back this year

There are really only two fighters in the title picture: JDS, and Andrei Arlovski who was a lock in my opinion if Cain won. Now I’m not sure sure. It’s either JDS fights Werdum or he fights Arlovski for a #1 contender. I’m hoping it’s Arlovski since it will bring someone new to the title picture and it’s a great comeback story for him. Cain will likely fight either Arlovski, Miocic or possibly Brown in his return. Werdum looked great and now the heavyweight division is much more existing due to the shakeup.